Saturday, August 27, 2011


 No Ice Cream Sound ( NICS ) is the one and only independent magazine of Reggae / Dancehall / Bashment / Soca in London, published by Shimmy Siimmy who is a reggae/dancehall/bashment/soca/caribbean culture writer &DJ.           

 This 2nd issue's cover man is Sizzla Kalonji, features
- Exclusive interviews with Sizzla, Ward 21, Solo Banton and Carolyn Cooper
- Exclusive illustrations from Gabe (, Smutlee (YoYo) and Karen Cazabon (Hipsters Don’t Dance)
- A chart from Al Fingers
- Gabriel Heatwave’s exclusive review of Showtime!

 Also NICS2 features Japanese Alternative Reggae scene and disc guides. the artists and their music is uniquely obscure genreless Reggae music. they are neither Dancehall or steleo type of roots artist, not copy of Jamaican, current and future reggae from mixture and interacted Tokyo/Osaka's scene. 
One of featured artist RUB-A-DUB Market and this web's producer 1TA-RAW will play in Outlook Festival in Croatia. see them at Mungo's Hi-Fi's stage on 1st of September.

 Big respect to Shimmy Shimmy crew for their great works and passion for NICS and Reggae music. this magazine is on sale at also Dubvendor, Sound Of Universe and Flashback (UK) will be on sale at Dub Store & DISC SHOP ZERO ( Japan ) as well.