Friday, August 12, 2011


 SENSEI.FM is a Brixton and now partly Bristol Based on line Radio station/podcast website since 2009 mainly focuses in underground UK Hip-Hop and beyond such as Soul/Funk and Reggae. Formally ITCH FM ( 2001 to 2009 ).
  SENSEI.FM has been putting weekly on line show on Saturdays from Brixton/Bristol featuring many UK underground DJ and MCs such as KASHMERE. DJ IQ, MATMAN, Joker Starr, Downlow ( 2010 & 2011 DMC finalist ), DISORDA ( Suspect Package ) & many youth MC/DJs. Its director JDA CUT is also a member of Zulu Nation UK therefore SENSEI.FM takes place ZULU NATION show & Parties as well.

 This Saturday 13/08/11 RIDDIM CHANGO FM joins SENSEI.FM online show from 2 to 4PM. live streaming from