Thursday, September 8, 2011


TAPES is an east London based Digital Dub/Reggae producer,
He has released EPs & 7" from the sensational future digital dancehall/dub label Jahtari ( Leipzig / Germany ) and his own label Selah Wadada.
TAPES' tracks are progressive electric reggae with raw analogue texture, a taste of 80s Digital Dancehall/Dub and pure musical niceness.

His new wicked digital track "Old Pan Sound" withVernon Maytone ( from Maytones )

 We had a short interview with him about his music, how he plays music etc.
Check out his 8 bits of Q&A below.

What is your musical background?

  Ait has all ways been and forever will be dub... but i hear its aesthetics
in radiophonic and old experimental library music too. it all sounds the
same too me.

How do you play in your live set?

  I play off cassette tape and only use high bias chrome C10 cassettes which
are like 7's (1 track on each side) with the track tittles written on the
case so I always know whats playing when. When I'm gigging, I usually bring
2 cassette payers and few FX units and some sort of mixer. How I play, is
similar to that of a reggae selector... but with a little more body thrash
and strange faces than your average rootsman.

Your favorite digital dancehall tracks?

  Currently my 2 favorites are:

   Horace Andy 'Gunshot' TAXI
   Absolute killer sinister production from Sly and Robbie. The riddim is too
solid, backed by carpenter 'esque synths that really bigup that cold
spooky feel.

Junior Murvin 'make it and set it' TAURUS 
Pure, amazing snare work out. The filtered rolls sound all to similar to
the reverse delay technique that you hear on early bbc workshop records.
some wicked interplay between murvin and the riddim on this... but you'll
never find. rare as hens teeth.

How do you make music?

  That's a very philosophical question that many musicians never really
consider. the answer, I think, can only be attained once you fully
understand your own creative confines. thankfully, there is a very strict
rule which is inherent to creating a reggae track: it must have a rhythm.
so i start with the bass, drums and a skank, working almost exclusively
with analog synthesis. my approach is to attempt to marry these 3
characteristics as one, using an array of technology and recording
techniques. its actually dead simple when i put it like this... maybe even
boring to some, but if i could give any advice to the other producers out
there it would be this: If you want to keep it interesting, you've got to
ask questions because if your not asking questions, your not learning
anything. maybe the question "what is reggae?" hasn't been considered

How and when did you join Jahtari and released with them?

  I met Jan (disrupt) in 2007 in London. eventually he invited me to Leipzig
for some dahl and we became good friends. when I first heard his music I
was utterly astounded at what sounded to me like the missing link between
dubstep and dub. I had been toying about with sound for a few years before
I finally sent him some cassettes in the post which he seemed to love
because I later moved to Leipzig for a month in the summer of '09 to
finish and master what became the hissing theatricals e.p. It was once of
the greatest experiences of my life and i have so much to thank him for.

What do you think about current UK underground music/club scene?

  Massively under appreciated. I don't go out that often to be honest.

What other Artists currently influence you?

   My main man Godsy (aka cherrystones) never fails to sonically blow my mind
on a day to day basis.  Lukid, Rekordah, Samoyed, Architeq and Mr Beatnik
have been massively supportive over the past few years... In making music
in London, i'm constantly surrounded by other artists on a similar tow
path... but its the ones with an open sense of kindness and generosity
that end up being your life long mates. My partner too, Rosie Emerson,
whos the biggest reason i get up in the morning and truly knows the
meaning of great art.

What is your plan of activity for the rest of 2011 and 2012?

  Right now all I want to do is make more music, play more gigs and eat more

Gig information from Tapes.

17/09/11 with Tobi el Fata @Take 5 cafe, Bristol.

Check out & Tape2style explosion at Bristol. 
Massive thanks for Jackson aka TAPES.