Monday, March 4, 2013

Riddim Chango Hopes 2013

Represntin' Leeds UK, Tradesman has freshly released 7' on Scotch Bonnet label with Parly B. It's kind of digital dancehall stuff the quality of his track is very much high, expected more releases in this year. 

Jus Now
This exciting new project aims to push boundaries using a fusion of traditional Caribbean beat-bouncing rhythm and culture, combined with the sub heavy sound of the Bristol/UK Underground. It's a new bass-music across musical borders. 

Sango is representing and celebrating Latin America's diverse music. With styles of music such as Bachata/Meregue, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Tribal-Guarachero. Mixed in with some Trap and House influences, I'm looking forwaord to his active this year. 

Ken2-D Special

Ken2-D Special is Japan based 3 pieces Dub Band.
It is difficult to difinite them as just a dub band, their music is genreless.
their dub has a touch of rock feeling like early Beastie Boys, the trombonist blows like Rico Rodriguez, tracks dubwised eccentricly reminds Lee Perry.
Their new release 7" in spring and it is cover of The Clash "I Fort The Law" 


A Juke/Jungle creator based in Japan, His numerous tunes show his talent, He recently released a juke track "Promised Land" sampled Dennis Brown's classic same title, the tune turns into man fazes it's style show unique world of Hayato6go. He belongs to a Juke Label in Japan called "Bootytune" and Bootytune has very interesting releases.