Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Digi-Killer Mix From Yugo ( DELTA FORCE )

 A new mix on RIDDIM CHANGO FM Yugo ( Delta force sound )

Deltaforcesound Mix CD "~Life Is Dream, Life Is Music~"

1.Intro Tippa Irie Jingle
2.Digikal - Andrew Paul (Digikal 1986 LP)
3.Whole World's Gone Digital - Asher Senator (Fashion 1986 LP)
4.Who's Gonna Make the Dance Ram - Andrew Paul (Fashion 1985 12inch)
5.Live Musicians - Asher Senator (Fashion 1986 LP)
6.Detrimental Music - Glen Brown (Fashion1989 LP)
7.Bubble-N-Rock - Little Clarkie (Jah Tubbys 1987 12inch)
8.Bubble-N-Rock Dub - Little Clarkie (Jah Tubbys 1987 12inch)
9.Lick Them - Ackee (Rough One 1986 12inch)
10.Raggumuffin Googie Rock - Ackee (Rough One 1986 12inch)
11.Selector Him Good - Little Clarkie (Jah Tubbys 1985 12inch)
12.Sound Ina Fury - Errol Bellot (Jah Tubbys 1986 12inch)
13.Dancehall Rock - Don Hicky (Harmodio 1987 7inch)
14.General Levy Jingle
15.Digital Time - Dixie Piech (Echo Cup 2010 10inch)
16.Digital Time Dub - Dixie Piech (Echo Cup 2010 10inch)
17.Amplifier - Pupa Jim (Stand High Records 2010 7inch)
18.N'alta d - Papa Buju (Erbapipa Posse 2011)
19.TV Addict - Pupa Jim (Stand High Records 2010)
20.Broke Again - King General (Conscious Sounds 2009 12inch)
21.Give Me Jah - Jr. Willow Wilson (Taittu Records 2011 10inch)
22.Give Me Jah Love Dub Version - Jr. Willow Wilson (Taittu Records  2011 10inch)
23.London City - El Fata (Free Net 2010 7inch)
24.Problem Time Dubateers Dubplate time - King General & Dougie Conscious & Charlie P (Dubateers Dubplates 2011)
25.Policeman - Charlie P (Dubateers Dubplates 2010 10inch)
26.Wicked Men - Fu Steps (Vibes Creator 2009 7inch)
27.Tidal wave RMX - Pupa Jim (Raggattack 2011 10inch)
28.No - Solo Banton (Maffi EU/Jahtari 2010 7inch)
29.Did You Really Know - Soom T (Mango's Hi Fi Sound system Champions 2011)
30.Whywhywhy - Pupa Jim (Stand High Records 2011)
31.Homeless - Pupa Jim (Stand High Records 2011)
32.If I Was A Rich Man - King General (Weedy G  2011 7inch)
33.JC Lodge Jingle

Yugo is a Dancehall Selector / MC from Yokohama / Japan. He represents Delta Force sound which grew up in Yokohama where world famous Mighty Crown based and made massive Dancehall culture. Delta Force has been not only blasting nights around Yokohama since 2004, but also currently othe member Masaranx is based in Tronto, Yuma is in Miami to capture the niceness of other country's Reggae scene. Yugo explores real Reggae sound from London meantime he works for 2 historical Reggae record shops in London.

This mix features many Digital shots from Europe instead of Jamaican ones due to what he musically grabs and adopts in London. He has been playing for Tighten Up Dancehall nights and other dances, check his wicked selection out.

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