Friday, September 23, 2011

ROJO REGALO & BUNBUN THE MC is coming out to EU from Japan

ROJ REGALO is coming to Europe. The band was formed by Pico Nakashima (aka. copa salvo)  in down town of Osaka in 2006. Their music is mixture of Cumbia, Reggae, Afro-Cuban and Japanese traditional,  future Osaka meets future South America with rebel music atitude and japanese Identity. They show the musical power of love with powerful vocal of Kyoko Ogino. Their EU tour was taken place last year and succeed to let people know as new kind of latin mixture music in Europe. their 2nd EU tour incluede 1st gig in London, UK. 

BUNBUN THE MC is originally a Japanese Reggae/Danehall Dee-jay as Known as Legendary in Osaka.
His flow is tricky and his style off-beat, and his lyrics are often equally esoteric, one song highhighting the unusual practice of "pearling" -a custom where by gangsters and jailbirds insert carefully sculpted parts of a toothbrush into their private parts.
BUNBUN's rude, upfront taste in music comes from the streets of Osaka, which have quite a similar atmosphere to the streets of Kingston.

6th October Camden town will know dirty, rough and musically humanare vibes. 

Thursday 6th October 2011
@ The Blues Kitchen
111 113 camden high st, london
Door Freeee!!!

The Roll and Tumble R&B club feat ROJO REGALO & BUNBUN THE MC's EU Tour ]

-Special Live-
ROJO REGALO a.k.a. Cumbia Ninja (from Osaka / Japan)
BUNBUN THE MC (from Osaka / Japan)

-Resident Disc Jocky-

-Guest Selecter-