Friday, July 1, 2011

Japanese wicked dub unit -Free downlord-

Japanese dub unit E.D.O. ECHO SOUNDSYSTEM released their new album after 6 years frim previous one. E.D.O. ECHO SOUNDSYSTEM has formed their original style with reggae & amp; dub sound based on killer dub mix since 2002.
Their new album「 NO DESTINATION is inspirated by whole UK sub genre bass music history like JUNGLE, DIGITAL DUB, DUB STEP & UK modern roots stuff and elements of japanese music sound like a "samisen" etc.
This album includes 9 tunes, it shows the crossover music between all kinds of dub music.
And E.D.O. ECHO SOUNDSYSTEM released on german old dub label "ECHO BEACH".

This free download mix is a special gift to celebrate the release the album「 NO DESTINATION」.
This tune is unreleased remix of DJ 1TA-RAW's tune「ROOTS TALK」 .
It contains heavy bass, irregular stepper rhythm, an oriental melody by original and elegant pianica by miki.
DJ 1TA-RAW / ROOTS TALK (e.d.o. echo soundsysytem remix) by E.D.O.ECHOSOUNDSYSTEM

E.D.O. ECHO SOUNDSYSTEM 2nd album「NO DESTINATION」01/07/2011 on sale!!