Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Nukes Song from Japan

The fear of Nuclear radiation in Japan after the March 11 earthquake impacted all over the world.
This case of Fukushima, Japan was worth case than the worst nuclear power plant accident in past history was Chernobyl, Ukrain that has caused tens of thousands of cancer deaths. it made each of us think nuclear plant is crucially big fear for the earth and human beings. Germany and Italy officially said no to nuclear plants.
Many nuclear protests has been taken place in Japan itself after 3.11 and it is getting bigger every time.
Also many musicians have made tunes to say no to nuclear plants, we introduce some of those antinuclear tunes here.

- RANKIN TAXI & DUB AINU BAND / You can't see it, and you can't smell it either -
An  anti nuclear plants tune from legendary Japanese Reggae MC Rankin Taxi. This video clip has English Subtitle.

- TRIO THE CAPS & INUKAI BROTHERS / Kaese chikyu wo! -
Trio the caps is another project of Japanese veteran Hip-Hop Group "Scha Dara Parr" This track samples theme song of a classic special effects film "godzilla vs hedorah" ``It is very satirical tune towwards nuclear plants. The video clip is Ironic and mad.

- ECD / Anti nuclear Remix -
this is also from a legendary Japanese Rapper, an acappella of this tune has released then many remixes have been uploaded on youtube.

Anti nuclear plants movement from female rapper Rumi who we feutured in past topic was introduced by Japan Times.
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嘘 ruff edit mp3 by dj KENSEI
A popular DJ Kensei edited an antinuclear song of a Japanese pop artist as his breakbeats style.

This is a footage of an antinuclear plants demonstration many antinuclear plants demonstrations have been taken place every months from small one to big one in all over Japan. 
We  have to keep doing whatever we can do to prevent Nuclear plants to protect our children, earth and future even though none of major media report any protest of Nuclear plants or antinuclear activity because of that main sponsors of media are power companies.