Wednesday, June 1, 2011

22 Century Dub

 Guess who is the best dub creator in London, some will mention legendary name like Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor, some will pick new roots guys like Iration Steppas etc. but Gorgonn is the wickedest in this country in terms of its mad and psychedelic live dub mixing performance and wide definition of dub.
 Gorgonn is a dub engineer, mixer, pruducer and performer from Devilman and Dokkebi Q. 
When he perform, the stage or booth became an arsenal of dub equipments. put effects like a Motherfucker, drown the floor down to 10 meters underground.

About Devilman

Devilman is formed by
DJ Scotch Egg (bass) legendary noise maker!
and Gorgonn (beat and live dub) 

Besides Vocalist Taigen from Bo Ningen 
became a member of Devilman recently.

About Dokkebi Q

Dokkebi Q are an electro punk group formed at the latter end of 2006 by illustrator and voice
Performer Kiki Hitomi ( Black Chow, King Midas Sound ) and Gorgonn.
While living in the inspirational place Dalston, East London, they found a mutual appreciation and understanding for 'black punk music' which has formed the basis of the Dokkebi Q sound. With Gorgonn's attacking DSP mashed and hybridized together with Kiki's bewitchingly smoky and dreamlike vocals, Dokkebi bring forth their own 'roots' from the indigenous Ainu tribe, Japan, Korea and the UK.

Gorgonn also uses his solid dub talent for a live dub sound engineer for 
King Midas Sound which is a project of The Bug, Roger Robinson & Hitomi
also regrouped and returned See Feel / Warp

Live Schedule 

4th June   @MIMAA Festival, Spain as King Midas Sound live sound engineer
11th June  @Koko, London as King Midas Sound live sound engineer
26th June @subland, Berlin as Devilman
18th July   @Urban Explorers Festival, Netherland as Seefeel live sound engineer
 *Try his gig and shoot yourself in the dark.