Thursday, May 5, 2011

Global+Local="Glocal" beats of Japanese

The country is built up by the history. Music is built up by the identity and the climate in the country.  so music has power to step over the country and another country.   this time we introduce a Japanese artist who has made his original mixture style of world music.

Original world breakbeats unit HAZU & YANOMI from Nagoya / Japan.  They have based of HIP HOP / Break Beats production and succeed to mix music from all over the world and made original sound marginal music mix.  Their live style which is using a sampler and CDJ is interesting.  They have released first album in May 2011. and limit only 12" vinyl out sale on 8th june 2011.

Pico Nakashima (aka. copa salvo) forms in Osaka in 2006. ONE LOVE, UNITY, New music arises when the genre and the scene are mixed It is united with Latin America musical, Japanese Identity. "Power of love of the truth" and "Anti-social message" It is a mainspring of this band. They completed "Osaka South America Future Mixture Dance and Rebel music" Afro-Cuban, Cumbia, Reggae, Hip Hop, Punk, J-POP, Mixed blood music Rojo Regaro of faction in the future. Revolutionary music. Kyoko Ogino's song is powerful, and the sorrow. One of the music wanting it in Japan now. The activity is world wide. The EU tour was handled last year. The sound is sent the world standard.

He has been performing as a DJ, live PA, sound programmer, bassist, mix engineer, etc.,
such as Juzu(for Boredoms Remix, etc.), J.O.P.O.L.O. (for Buffalo Daughter Remix),MONKA, etc.
Both listeners and artists alike admire his work around the world.
From contemporary to roots, he delves into new visions of sound and conjures something new.
His style keeps evolving and defies categorization with Japanese spirit. He flew over the world and recorded with local musician, He has released  three solo albums.

To be continue..