Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lion will be back.

Bass, bass and bass. Beats, beats and beats. Deep but upper. Dancable also meditable thats jungle music.
Jungle is/was UK bass music from '93 till '95, answer from UK towards Hip-Hop. the jungle music took a root in UK but since the music changed Drum and Bass, Drum & Bass schene remaind much longer as huge than Jungle did because it lost some edge and hardcoreness since jugle became drum and bass, it is ironic. but sooner or later Jungle movement will be back massively as maybe slight differnt form like UK garage came back to scene as UK Funky.  young juglists are hidden in their bedroom studios with Amen beats.
This is 93' jungle mix by Dj Bazia north London finest Junglist.
DJ BAZIA '93 Jungle Mix by TOYBEATS
and his young lion works

his other works and profile