Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japanese Original Alternative Reggae

Japan has its original and alternative reggae scene which is Japanese defined what reggae is for us. There are not Jamaican people are living, not like in UK, but so many Japanese love reggae and there are so many kinds of soundsystem as well, like revival one, brand new dancehall one, UK new roots style influenced by Jah shaka etc, but what we introduce are more Japanese original reggae (Japanese Raggamuffin) which does not belong to any others.


Rub-A-Dub Market is a “Tokyo-original-raggamufin-group” that consists of 3 members, composer/ selector, e-mura and 2MCs, Jage and MaL. Their roots is 80’s and 90’s Dance Hall Reggae but their music isn’t Jamaican, UK nor ordinary Japanese reggae.They’ve been creating Reggae art which comes out from 21st century eclectic Tokyo culture.They made sessions with many artists from abroad such as Mad Professor, Mungo's Hi Fi, Daddy Freddy, General Levy, Macka B, Gaz Mayall and Bigga Bush a.k.a Lightning Head, Congo Natty (Rebel MC), NICKODEMUS (Turntables on the Hudson),at the nights. In 2004, they participated in Quatro Live which is annual new years eve event by Ska Flames. 25th April 2007,they have released brand new album "DIGIKAL ROCKERS" includes ROB SMITH's and FORCE OF NATURE's Remixes.Nowadays, there are more Reggae fans who also like other kinds. Rub-A-Dub Market is trying to reach those people.

System feat G.RINA / RUB-A-DUB MARKET (Sample edit) by PART2STYLE



Since 2000 Japanese Dub Reggae Legend "GREEN GREEN" has dominated the Osaka under-ground scene.
MC's: Original Kose and Professor Chinnen mix the tracks while EQUALIZER leads in the live dub mix. In 2006, bAttA (ex.Bush of Ghosts,Compsticks member) joined with "GREEN GREEN" as the bassist to increased the funkiness of "their Reggae/Dub sound. "GREEN GREEN" has the authentic flavor of the sound of Dance hall, Reggae and Dub. Their MC skill is magical as they exquisitely synchronize the music to drive people to dance and smile. Anyone who experiences Green Green cannot be helped but be fully filled with Love & Unity.

Time Cross by GREEN GREEN (Sample Edit) by DJ 1TA-RAW (PART2STYLE)



He is Japanese Alternative Reggae Legend of OSAKA. Lee Perry, Jahtari, Soom T, Bug, Congo Natty, Tenar Fly, Daddy Freddy, Makka B, General Levi Love Grocer, Aba Shanty and co-starring before.
His song a "Feel Like Insects" was introduced by the BBC radio programs " Worldwide Showcase2008@The Liquid Room" of Giles Petarson of Label "TALKIN LOUD" of acid jazz
In Feb 2010, Live in khaosan Rd Bangkok Thailand with Ichi Bang Boshi Crew.
He sings a song in solo and session with various artists, and he sends busy daily life by activity of "1★狂"(Ichi Bang Boshi Crew) and event activity of his own.

Feel Like Insects by BUNBUN THE MC meets BUNVESTORO (Sample Edit) by DJ 1TA-RAW (PART2STYLE)


I still want to introduce it but there are a lot of artsits. 
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